The Mainstay Group, Inc. is a consortium of professional consultants who possess a broad scope of experience and expertise in the Securities/Capital Markets Industry and Regulatory Agencies.

Since 1987, the principals of The Mainstay Group, Inc. have consulted with Broker/Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Registered Investment Companies, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, Exchanges, Regulators, Foreign Governments and Securities Lawyers.

With offices in Metropolitan Washington, DC, the firm's clientele is headquartered throughout the United States. In addition, many international concerns have sought out our consultants to participate in overseas projects.

The Financial Services Industry faces strategic and competitive challenges as complex regulations and requirements evolve. The Mainstay Group, Inc. understands that these regulations and requirements, while necessary, place tremendous demands on our clients’ time and energy. We provide a full spectrum of consulting and outsourcing services that help our clients face these challenges while maintaining their focus on their core business and bottom line.

The Mainstay Group, Inc. is committed to working closely with each of our clients and prides itself on developing long lasting relationships. We are consultants who guide our clients through the increasingly complex set of rules that regulates and defines business as it is practiced today.

At The Mainstay Group, Inc., we offer solutions.


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